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Sisters Corner


The key objectives for the Sister's committee: …

to provide women with excellent prayer facilities, services to meet the Islamic & educational needs of sisters of all ages, and a positive environment that improves the quality of life of the whole community and enhances cohesion. Keys tasks to include, amongst other things:

· Coordinating the running of the sister's section of the mosque: Defining all day to day activities and ensuring necessary processes, facilities and resources are in place.

· Education: To define educational requirements and produce/implement a plan to deliver teaching of the highest standard within a structured framework. To include Tajweed, Tafseer, Quranic translation, Arabic Classes, Ghusl training by way of examples.

· Health Promotion: To define and produce/ implement a plan to promote physical wellbeing such as fitness classes and health education

Social Events: To provide a social platform of sisters of all ages by scoping all current activities and circles and produce/implement a plan to ensure these services reflect the social needs of the community




Sh Faid

Sh Faid

Held every Friday Morning 10am till 12:15pm

[Tajweed -  Fiqh - History of our Prophet pbuh -  rules of Sallah - masnoon duwas]
This is a free class for Ladies on Friday Morning.10.15am -12pm
Islamic Classes covering a range of Islamic topics: such Fiqh, History of our Beloved Prophet (S.A.W.) Stories of the Prophets, Rules of Salah, Wudhu and Masnoon Dua,
Tajweed Class: Learn to read AL Quran AL Kareem correctly. Pronunciation of each letter and word is important as incorrect pronunciation alters the meaning of the word.

Taught by Sister Faheema
Sister Faheema has been teaching since 1998 , has studied under the supervision of Hafiz Ahmed Awan Chisti, upon completion of her Quran and rules of Tajweed she received Ijaza to teach Tajweed and the Holy Quran from Hafiz Ahmed Awan Chisti who Currently resides in  Germany Minhaj ul Quran.
Sister Faheema taught in Minhaj Ul Quran from 1998 -2002 Demark





To be held on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month from 1p.m-2.30p.m.

Teachings of Islam for mothers and children [aged 4-16]
-Stories from the holy Quran [mainly in English]
-Islamic quiz /prizes
-Nasheed/naat competition in English and urdu
-incorporation of the Sunnah of Prophet sallallaho alaihi wasallam in all walks of life.
This is an excellent opportunity for mothers who desire to instil the true love of Allah subhaana ta, aala and his beloved Nabi [sallallaho alaihi wasallam] in their children.


Word to Word Translation

Every Monday
10.30-12.30pm prompt


Tajweed Classes
Every Thursday
9.30-10.30am prompt

Tafseer Classes
Every Thursday
10.30-12.30pm prompt

Drop in session for Revert sisters
Coming Soon....













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